Peak Training Classes (by try-out or approval)

Glenn Michibata

Director of PTP’s Peak Training Program

This camp is for Peak Training and PTP Performance Players, or by approval of Glenn Michibata.
Lunch Break: 12:00p.m.-1:00p.m.
Coaches’ lecture: 1:00p.m.-1:20p.m.
Meditation: 1:20p.m.-1:30p.m.

Peak Training Program Clinic/Camp Schedule

Do you have a UTR rating of 2 or higher?  Contact Glenn Michibata at

PTP Peak Program College Recruiting

The 12 years as head coach of the Princeton Men’s tennis program and 3 years as an assistant at the University of Southern California have given me the ability to pass on unique insights into college tennis. This experience can help a young player navigate the tricky waters of college recruiting, which is getting more and more competitive.

In addition, the contacts I established during my college coaching career will enable me to open doors that may not be available through other junior programs. Our Peak program is relatively new but there are already quite a few players who have trained in the PTP Peak program and who landed spots at top universities and colleges.

Andrew Lutschaunig – Ohio State
Clarissa Hand – Northwestern
Tess Fisher – Rutgers
Matthew Michibata – TCNJ
Noah Lilienthal – Wesleyan
Anna Sukharev – Lehigh
Uriah Miller – University of Rochester
Isabelle Da Silva – Rutgers
Michael Zhao – MIT
Matthew Chen – Case Western
Kevin Zhu – Swarthmore
Adrian Roji – Wesleyan
Alexandra Vo – Stonehill College
Christina Rosca – Vanderbilt
Ryan Dickerson – Duke
Renee Karchere-Sun – Skidmore
Justin Burrus – Villanova
Justin Kang – Johns Hopkins
Michael Song – Swarthmore
Jerry Jiang – Bowdoin
Sonal Shrivastava – Yale
Eric Biscoveanu – Temple
Haley Rich – Tufts
Justin Chong – NYU
Kabir Sarita – Princeton
Christina Hand – Northwestern
Rhea Shrivastava – Yale
James Hopper – Case Western
Alex Yang – NYU
Alexandra Mednikova – RPI
Jonathan Nottingham – Carnegie Mellon
Philip Szkudlarski – Stevens
Akul Telluri – TCNJ
Rahul Panoli – TCNJ
Rohit Vadodaria – William & Mary

I hope that the players in our PTP Peak program will continue to play tennis when they go off to college and look forward to helping them get recruited in a program that will provide a great experience.

PTP Current Peak Players

Daniel Kliebhan #1 B18 Middle States
Jerry Gu – #29 B18 Middle States
Andy Li #24 B18 Middle States
Theo Sardain #26 B16 Middle States
Josh Song #35 B16 Middle States
Brian Zhao – #45 B16 Middle States
Jonathan Gu – #7 B14 Middle States
Josh Lai – #14 B14 Middle States
Andrew Van Dusen – #36 B14 Middle States
William Li – #61 B14 Middle States
Prianka Sairam – #56 G14 Middle States
Heyang Li – #4 B12 Middle States
Nicholas Mekhael #9 B12 Middle States
Roy Liu #32 B12 Middle States
Casey Knipe – #44 B12 Middle States
Andrew Kuo #41 B12 Middle States
David Jin #43 B12 Middle States
Ryan Mou #46 B12 Middle States
Prahalad Dharma #76 B12 Middle States
Megan Chung #31 G12 Middle States
Ashika Pinninti #37 G12 Middle States
Lada Labas #48 G12 Middle States
Myria Mekhael #54 G12 Middle States
Pihu Batra – #77 G12 Middle States
Sara Venkat #68 G12 Middle States
Angela Du #67 G12 Middle States
Neel Adusumilli #87 B16 Middle States
Nicholas Yagnik #21 B12 Middle States
Taksh Gupta #50 B12 Middle States
Harrison Knoch #86 B12 Middle States
Karthik Buddhidinesh #87 B12 Middle States
Eric Huang #92 B12 Middle States
Steven Chen #66 B12 Middle States


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